Master the language you need to succeed in your personal and professional life. With Berlitz you don't just learn languages, you master them.

You will be supported by the best teachers, by the widest range of learning options and by a method that has been making history since 1878. 
Master these languages too
A teacher dedicated only to you. You are the master. 
Small groups, big involvement. And the best value for money.
Wherever you want, any language, anytime. This is true power.
Come to Berlitz and take control of the future.
intensive group
Learn in a group of up to six people that share your same level. An intensive four-week course where you’ll be in constant contact with the language, whether you choose the online or face-to-face modality. With an experienced and highly motivating teaching staff, intensive group courses are a great way to share, learn, and talk!
Learn a new language in a week with Berlitz Total Immersion. The exclusive intensive course that made history. 45 hours a week, business lunches with the teachers included, and a personalized immersive program from which you will come out transformed. And speaking a new language!
Private course
Tailor-made private course, Online or in person in our centers. The ultimate solution for those who need to learn a language quickly and do not have the whole day available.
english summer camps
Berlitz Camps provide the perfect combination of fun and language learning for your kids.
If your plans change, we will refund your reservation!
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An infallible method
The Berlitz Method is a natural way to learn a language. From its conception in 1878, it has revolutionised the way languages are taught. Today it has become an example to follow and continues to be the base of our teaching.
Native teachers
Besides being native speakers, our teachers are passionate about languages. Their experience and knowledge will help you improve your linguistic competence and master languages in a personalized way.
Multilingual centers
Find your most suitable solution online, or in our specialized language teaching centers in the main Spanish cities and in 70 countries around the world.
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